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Parent Information


From the Principal

Reece High School was founded in 1955, and reopened after a fire in 2003.

The new Reece High was built around a vision developed through extensive consultation, creating a school focused on building strong partnerships with families.
We deliver a rich curriculum through innovative, inter-disciplinary learning underpinned by intensive, explicit learning in literacy and numeracy. Our personalised classroom teaching, supported by our systematic process of intervention ensures that there is remediation, consolidation and extension provided for all students.  We do whatever it takes to ensure learning for all. The continued improvement efforts at Reece High School is firmly centered on improving teaching practice.  It is through improved teacher practice we will have the most significant impact on the lives of our students, providing them with the skills, attitudes and dispositions required for them to be life-long learners, global citizens and in a position of choice in life beyond school.
Staff and students at our school are committed to upholding the values and beliefs which are present in all parts of the school and a feature of the learning at Reece High, namely:
  • Respect
  • Responsibility
  • Honesty and Trustworthiness
  • Connectedness
Our school works in discrete teaching teams, each committed to improving the learning outcomes for all students in their care.  This encompasses the whole child; taking care of their spiritual, social, emotional and physical well being.  We have high expectations of student learning, behaviour and school spirit. We are committed to inclusive practice, with our practices for inclusion widely recognised.  Staff and students do whatever is necessary to ensure that students with high and additional needs are cared for and receive the highest quality education.
School policy is developed through consultation with students and families with emphases on student voice and student leadership. Reece High is committed to the wholistic health and wellbeing of all students, training a wide-range of student leaders to support their peers.  Our focus on Excellence in Teaching and Learning is underpinned by high quality realtionships within the school and the highest yield evidence based practices available.
Reece High focuses on the effective integration of Information Communication Technology (ICT), through the provision of 1:1 computing, further building an understanding about Australia's place in the world and ensuring that students have the knowledge and skills to be successful beyond school.
In 2017 we will be extending our offerings to cater for the needs of year 11 students in a personalised environment.  We will continue to partner with Don College, feeder schools and partner High Schools to ensure that all young people in our region are supported to achieeve the best learning outcomes possible.
Kind regards
Matt Bennell


Information for Parents

Documents that are relevant for parents and carers.



 Parent Information

Annual Report 2015.pdf
19/10/2016 8:28Bennell, Matthew G

 Content Editor


Reece High School - Policy Consultation 2016

As part of the consultation process with our school community, we are seeking your input and feedback on our policies below.  Please provide us with your thoughts, suggestions and any areas you think we should add using the link below.  We look forward to hearing from you!

The consultation period is from Monday November 14 to Friday November 25.



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